Bye bye 2010, Welcome 2011!

Bryan van PuttenBittersweet
2010 is the year I came back from a life in Salamanca (Spain). It is the year I said goodbye to people I will never forget and still, it is the year I made lots of new friends, from far away countries, who changed my life for the better.

2010 is the year I campaigned for the Green party, travelling across the country while simultaneously writing my thesis on personal branding in politics. Happily, 2010 is the year I graduated and received my bachelors in communication. 2010 is also the year I started on a path towards a masters degree in Media and Journalism.

2010 was also a very musical year. I released lots of songs, among which Juliette On Mars, Curious Faces, Rest Your Heart and Ain't So Strong. I competed in the GPZH band contest for singer songwriters, the university coversong festival, the Ear of Erasmus band competition and the Emergenza festival. I stood on stage at various events and locations, both in the Netherlands and abroad, both indoors and under the starry night sky, both alone and with the help of amazing friends, sometimes for money yet mostly for free.

2010 is the year I produced video commercials, developed various websites, finished composing my first salsa and recorded a death metal band. 2010 is also the year I applied for the most jobs and got the least responses.

All in all
2010 was a year of deep contrasts, interesting revelations, an increased understanding of the world and many personal achievements. Questions were raised, answers were found. I can not say I will miss 2010, but I will not regret it either, for thanks to 2010, I can honestly boast that I am ready for 2011.

So, I hope 2011 is ready for me, because I never hold back. I will try harder this year, I will aim higher this year, I will take bigger risks and disregard the need for safety nets. I will leave my comfort zone more often and be less disappointed if things do not go my way. Every year is my year, but this year will be better.

Last words
To all of you, my friends, I wish you a great 2011. May you all set your sights and go the distance, follow your dreams and follow through, keep on moving forward and never look back!

Famous last words
“We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.” - Edith Lovejoy Pierce.

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