It's You, It's Me (lyrics)

It's You, It's Me

Your eyes, explored
Are deep like an ocean
So vast, and pure
Like a siren they call
Then implode, unfold
in a bright supernova
Can't turn, try to go,
Your gravity pulls me back in

I wrote a,
sequence of words
I spread them in lines
On them pages, in chapters,
On post-it reminders
In volumes of novels
In poems and screenplays
For if we can see it
Perhaps we'd believe that it's

Time, to, speak up before it’s
To late, for, us to get on

It's not you, it's me
It's always been me with my heart on my sleeve
It ain't me, it's you
You call and I come, then the curtain falls

It ain't you, it's just me baby
Oh it ain't me, it's just you baby

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