Thanks to Baranca for the Curious Faces music video

I'm excited about the new release coming out Sunday December 15th, that is, tomorrow. Yet another song out, another milestone to add to the list. Curious Faces is my third single release for 2013. In case you missed the first two, those were Spanish Heartbreak and Reaching Out in Melody. Check 'em out ;-)

In my previous post I mentioned how different people are involved in the release of a new single. Today I would like to thank Neville Thodé and the crew at Baranca Media Productions for the good work they did on the Curious Faces music video. A good video can either help make or break a song and I must say I'm really glad with the final result.

Baranca Media Productions also do commercials, graphic design, very warm photography and build professional websites. Have a look here.

p.s. check out the behind the scenes shots below:


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