My Jam This Week: Jack Savoretti - Catapult

jack savoretti songbird festival 2014

Jack Savoretti is one of my favourite singer/songwriters. I first heard his music way back when LastFM was still one of the main music streaming services in town. I also saw him perform at the Songbird Festival in 2013. I was there as a blogger for Rotterdam Festivals.  That's where I took the picture you see above. The first Savoretti song to catch my attention was 'Chemical Courage' (2007). If you haven't heard it before, trust me, it's an amazing acoustic track.

I'm glad to hear he has penned new music. 'Catapult' is the latest single off his latest album, Written in Scars. It's artists like these, with their honest songwriting, who inspire me to write and express whatever is on my mind.

Savoretti provided the following description of 'Catapult' to QTheMusic: 

“The song is about missing someone and doing everything it takes to get back to the one you love. Many times you feel like there are so many obstacles between you and that person and days just start getting longer and it seems like it’s so far out of reach that you just wished there was a quick way to be catapulted over all of it. It’s almost as if they are the prisoner in the castle and you are breaking in but then they are the one that rescues you. We wanted to capture the emotion of the song in the same way that a portrait can bring one to life. We knew director Chris Faith was the man for the job and he delivered.” 


Check out the music video to 'Catapult'.

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