My Jam This Week: Los Cafres - 25 años

171125 los cafres 25 anos
My Jam This Week is a video I discovered titled Los Cafres - 25 años. It's actually a full rip of the band's 25-year anniversary DVD.

I'm a longtime fan of Latin American reggae, especially Cultura Profética (Puerto Rico) and Natiruts (Brazil). Another cool band whose songs I grew up with was Los Pericos (Argentina). I recently looked them up on Spotify and found they had an amazing live album titled '3000 Vivos (En Vivo). But then I did that thing, you know, where you look at the 'related artists'? And that's how I stumbled upon Los Cafres.

I always knew they existed but I never bothered to check them out. How could I have been so blind...or eh, deaf? They actually sound a lot like Cultura Profética (1996) but have been around a lot longer, since 1987. Los Cafres are perhaps a bit rougher around the edges at times and the lyrics less political. I love how Latin American bands blend jazz and bolero influences in their reggae. The music is complex like a full-bodied wine and keeps you guessing as you never know when the next subtle musical surprise is coming. 

Los Cafres - Una Perla en mi Vida (a pearl in my life)

The video itself is interesting as well. The entire video is shot inside a theatre. However, in the first half, we see Los Cafres performing without an audience, changing their wardrobe between songs. Some songs feature a male choir, others a string ensemble, some have a female choir and then when you think you've seen it all, two Indian dancers perform a reggae choreography.

Los Cafres - Kaos (chaos)

The second half of the video is the 'live concert' portion. Singer Guillermo Bonetto shows up from out of nowhere and walks down the steps towards the stage in a style that can only be described as 'like a boss'! 

Los Cafres - Hace Falta (we need)

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