The first song in 2014 to really really grab my attention!

drunkinloveSometime last week my friend Mr. 297 introduced me to this track by Beyoncé featuring husband Jay-Z. I wasn't totally living under a rock, I mean, I did know there was a song called 'Drunk in Love', but I hadn't gotten around to giving it a spin yet. So I play the video, and it's definitely a 'complete' experience. From the opening cinematic, waves crashing on beach in monochrome, to Beyoncé living it up by herself. And then Jay-Z comes in with a killer verse promoting Bacardi owned D'ussé cognac, for which he's got a sweet endorsement deal. Nice. 

But back to the music! It's quite refreshing to see a 6 minute song which doesn't get boring after the first 4 minutes... And the breakdown at 5:17 totally catches you offguard but sets up the final killer chorus which I do wish was a bit longer. Anyways enjoy the video, whenever I watch it I can't help but wish I was having just as much fun as they are ;-) 


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