Music Video

  • Boom! Just released a new song... *mic drop*... This latest tune is called 'I Found Me'. It's my first official release in a loOong while.

    Special thanks to all who came out with their phones and helped us film the video during the Eendracht Festival gig at Brasserie Maurits and thanks to BIRD Rotterdam for hosting us.


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  • Hi there!

    My latest release is called 'Lama'. The world 'Lama' means 'sea' in my native language Papiamento. This song is basically about my relationship with the sea.

    Maybe it's the islander in me, but I've always felt comfortable at the seaside. Whenever I'm on Aruba, I always go to the sea and just stand there, soaking up the salty breeze, listening to the waves and for a moment, I find peace.